2017 Christmas Party Gig Announced!

Sean is moving away!

Coming next year: "Best of" album

2017 Christmas Party Gig!

(November 2017)

We've now confirmed our Christmas party gig for 2017 - and it's at The Swan, Flitwick on Sat 16th December.

The gig will be free to enter and should be an awesome night! As well as a Christmas gig, this will also be a farewell gig for Sean. This is not one to miss!
See Gigs for more details.

Sean is moving away!

(February 2017)

It is with sadness that we have to report that our excellent lead guitarist Sean is moving to Florida in April 2017. It's obviously quite a journey back for band practises so he'll be taking a break from the band for at least a few months, although it may be permanent.

He is going to be in the US until at least September with plans to return again later in the year. He'll be going to join his partner out there and we wish him all the best of luck.

In the meantime, we're trying to organise a farewell gig for the end of March but if we don't manage that there'll be one in September when he returns so watch this space. This is not one to miss!!

Brittle Empire and Diskover will continue without Sean but he will be missed..

Coming in 2018 - "Best of" album

(January 2017)

Believe it or not (& I'm not sure I do!) we've been at this band lark for nearly 20 years now! Since we started in September 1998, to celebrate 20 years of Diskordian/Diskover/Brittle Empire we're planning a "Best Of" album, featuring the most popular tracks we've ever played, to be released late next year.
This will also give us the opportunity to re-record some of the older ones with our improved musicality & recording equipment/skills to make them sound better than ever!

We are very excited about this!!

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