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Ric George


Lead Vocals & Keyboards
(+ Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine and Harmonica from time to time).

Drummer with Diskordian from 1998 - 2000.

Duration in Band:

The only remaining founder member of the band, he's been performing with Diskordian (now Brittle Empire ) since 1998. The only member of the band to have a song re-named after him (Ric In Space, originally Anyone But You).

Favourite Brittle Empire Songs:

Sunset, Hero, The Silence, Clear Water & Redemption

Other Music:

Divine Comedy, Oasis & Queen are my all-time favourite bands. Also in to such classic bands as Muse, Slade, The Who & Led Zeppelin.

Day Job:

Acoustic Engineer

Mail him at ric_george99@yahoo.co.uk
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Guitar & Backing Vocals (specialises in slide & blues guitar)

Duration in Band:

Joined in 2000.

Favourite Brittle Empire Songs:

Patience, ...Then Came You, A Song (Change), The Silence, More Than This & The One

Other Music:

Eric Clapton, Adele, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Derek Trucks & John Mayer

Day Job:

Vintage Aeroplane Mechanic

Rory Cook
Contact Rory via Ric
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Duration in Band:

Since 2001.

Favourite Brittle Empire Songs:

One World, The Silence, A Song (Change), Find You & Stranger

Other Music:

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Muse & Slash

Day Job:

Health & Safety Consultant

Tom George
Mail him at tom9george@yahoo.co.uk
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Ben Markus



Duration in Band:

Joined in early 2015.

Favourite Brittle Empire Songs:

Wishing It Away, ...Then Came You, Stranger & Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah)

Other Music:

Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath & Eagles of Death Metal

Day Job:


Mail him at benmarkus97@ymail.co.uk
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Former Members

The following all deserve a special mention for their major contributions to the band's sound:


Sean Markus

Joined the band in 2004, originally on bass but moved onto guitar when Andy left in December 2006. He is best known for his awesome classic rock solos and for writing The Silence, Wishing It Away and the entriguingly named Fishbone.

Sean moved out of the UK in 2017 and it was a bit too far to come for rehearsals (!) so he sadly had to quit the band. He still plays with us ocassionally and is always welcome.

Gareth Rutt

Joining the band on bass in 2009 and remaining an enthusiastic band member for 5 years, Gareth provided our most memorable bass lines from most of the songs on the Cry Out Loud and Element of Truth albums. He wrote (amongst many others) bass parts for The Silence, the newer (funkier) version of The One & Sunset. He also introduced a much funkier element to the band and his skills as a 'slapper' meant we could play loads of funkier covers (including the popular Car Wash).

Gareth left the band at the end of 2014 to pursue other interests though he does feature on the recent album, Element of Truth.

Andy Fenwick

Long-standing lead guitarist and founding member, Andy left Diskordian in December 2006, following a few years of 'commuting' down from Nuneaton for gigs & rehearsals.

He has played a major role in the band's sound, writing & playing the vast majority of the guitar solos & riffs you'll hear on our first 3 albums. Amongst Andy's songwriting credits are: Find You & One Decree from Despite Popular Demand as well as lyrics for Lucky Day, Fade To... & Ship In a Bottle. Andy's also responsible for Diskordian's first ever music video: My Fire, and the amazing remix of Angry Song.

Andy maintained this website up until the end of 2006.

Nic Rutherford

Nic was another founder member, playing bass with Diskordian from 1998 to 2004.

His distinctive bass riffs underpin the Diskordian sound on our first 2 albums: Sincerity and Tin Soldier. In fact, Nic was responsible for the title of our first album, following a conversation with a stranger in Luton, back in 1999 (If you don't know the story, don't ask!).

He also played trumpet on the recording of Lucky Day and will be remembered for his amazing labcoat - not to mention the rainstick!! Nic's songwriting credits include: lyrics for Stranger & Tomorrow & the cool bassline on My Fire.

Simon Gutteridge

Simon was Diskordian's frontman from 1998 to 2001. He joined the band a couple of months after we first started, after sitting in on some rehearsals. We soon realised that we needed a lead vocalist & as Simon could sing he got roped in.

Turned out he was a pretty good at it and provided Diskordian with some of their more memorable early songs, including: Spider, My World Now & Forsaken Angel.

Despite not actually performing on our 2nd album (Tin Soldier), Simon still contributed by penning two of our most popular songs: Laughing & My Fire.

Simon provided much comedy during his time with the band and was responsible for all of the following phrases: "Big Gay Bears", "Plimsoles & a Paper Hat", "Owl in the Microwave" & "Brachnophobiaaaa".

David Cupit

David was another founder band member, joining Diskordian in 1998. He played rhythm guitar with the band for a relatively short time, leaving in 2000, but he features on our first album, Sincerity.

Dave wrote the music to our first acoustic song: See Me Here.

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Brittle Empire play their own unique style of indie/blues/rock, effortlessly combining classic rock riffs, bluesy slide and acoustic folk melodies with funky bass riffs to sound like no-one else and everyone else all at the same time.

Bedfordshire based 5-piece Brittle Empire, originally known as Diskordian, formed in 1998, although the band has evolved almost beyond recognition since then. Only one original member remains but, with each new member, the music has got better and the live performance more exciting. The current line-up have been together since 2014. The band changed their name to Brittle Empire at the beginning of 2014, to reflect their evolving and maturing style.

The band have recorded five self-released studio albums of original material so far, with the most recent, Element of Truth released in November 2015. This and their previous album 'Cry Out Loud' are available to download from itunes & Amazon.

The band have played regular gigs throughout the last twelve years, mainly in local venues in the Beds/Herts/Bucks area, including such prestigious local venues as The Horn, St Albans and The Hat Factory, Luton, as well as twice to a crowd of a thousand at Bedford River Festival (Britain's biggest free festival). The band played their debut London gig in 2006, at Storm, Leicester Square and have played at many others since, including: Islington Academy, Enterprise Camden, The Cork & Bull Highgate; The Garage, Islington and Underbelly Hoxton Square.

Known for their unique style, quality musicianship and entertaining stage performances, Brittle Empire are welcomed back to most venues they've played before and are ever-expanding their fanbase, both locally and nationally.

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