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None at the moment (except loads of Diskover gigs which are keeping us busy!)
We are planning a few special thing later this year so stay tuned..

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Past Gigs...

Below are band reviews of all the Brittle Empire and Diskordian gigs we've done since 2007!

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Sat 16th December - The Swan, Flitwick

Our only public gig of the year (we have done quite a few Diskover functions!) and it was a very good one!
The Swan provided the ideal venue for our party gig celebrating both Christmas & Sean's contribution to the band for the past 13 years (it is likely to be his last gig with us for a while as he's now moved to the USA...) and we rocked it!
We played a mix of covers (including new ones for us by Oasis & Bill Haley), classic originals and the obligatory Christmas songs (you know the ones!).
The gig also included the world-first performance of our brand new song: Time. All was well received with a good number in the crowd all dancing the night away. We've been invited back so it must have gone pretty well!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):


Fri 23rd December - The Crown, Flitwick

Our annual Christmas party gig found its way to this hitherto (I'll explain later!) friendly pub in Flitwick and what a night it was!
The place was packed out and we got the whole house boogying to our renditions of Eye of The Tiger, Don't Stop Believing and Sex On Fire, as well as our best originals: Laughing, Wishing It Away and Then Came You.
Mel couldn't make it so her sister Julia manfully stood in to allow us to perform Fairytale of New York & Love Shack to a grateful audience - thanks Julia!! :-)
The evening ended as it absolutely had to, with Slade's classic Chirstmas hit followed by a heap of encores including La Bamba!
A totally excellent night was had by all. The only sour note being the response of the management who pretty much refused to pay us (though they did in the end) saying that the bar was empty and we were rubbish! Not sure where they were, as from where we were standing there were 50+ people having a brillaint party! A disappointing and stressful end to an otherwise perfect night! Thanks to everyone who came and supported us!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 26th November - The Snug, Ware

After a patchy start (the pub didn't seem to know we were coming!), this gig came out OK.
We felt we played pretty well, playing a classic mix of originals and party covers, but apart from a few dancers halfway through, we didn't seem to get the audience reaction we'd normally hope for. I think this was probably down to the venue, which didn't really seem to be geared up for rock & roll bands - with a Saturday night clientele who'd have prefered a DJ with banging dance tunes.

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 12th November - The Bell, Toddington

A great night was had by all at this friendly local pub. There was a good turn out for our 2 sets, which included a whole host of originals, including Every Day and Cry Out Loud, as well as a compilation of Hero, parts 1 and 2 and Universe in honour of Remembrance Day. We also successfully debuted a few new (to us) covers, including Queen's Under Pressure and Arctic Monkey's Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor.

We played pretty well and the audience response was awesome. So awesome, in fact, that we did a total of 5 encores, ending with a totally impromptu rendition of The Proclaimer's 500 miles that none of us knew we were gonna play!!

Special mention should also go to the guy at the back who gave us (mostly positive) feedback after every song!!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 30th July - Shillington Village Fun Day

A great gig at a small but friendly venue. Tom couldn't make it so Ric stepped in as drummer and lead singer (which, since he couldn't always been seen by the audience caused some confusion!) and Mel hel[ped out as singer on some of the songs.

The gig started slowly but by the end of the first half we were well into our stride. And then then second half ramped it right up!

We've been invited back so it must have gone pretty well.

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 17th June - Barton Beer Festival

Beer, music, what more do you want?!! A fantastic gig to a great audience.

Other blaying: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sun 29th May - Charity Fun Day, The Bell, Toddington

A great outdoor gig on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We kick-started the day and gt it off to a great start. Other bands playing: Too many to mention

Band Review (out of 5):

Sun 3rd April - The Bull, Barton

We followed up our season of acoustic open mic gigs with our first proper gig of the year... and it was an acoustic one!
The Bull is always a fun evening and this was no exception as we played our way through a well-honed acoustic set, playing the best of the songs we'd put together for the various open mic nights with a few less-performed ones, as well as two new covers to us: Tender by Blur & Erasure's (or Wheatus's, depending on your age) A Little Respect.

All in all we went down very well, although the now legendary encore of La Bamba didn't go down so well with the landlord, who, turns out, is Spanish. Oops. No offence intended.... :-)

We hope to be back here soon for more of the same!!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):


Sun 6th December - The Bull, Barton

A good night was had by all who gathered at The Bull for the weekly Sunday night acoustic session. This is the second time we've performed at the re-opened Bull (we used to be regulars at the Open Mic Night a few years ago) and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Seemed like the audience did too (especially when the call for 'encore' came for the third time! :-) )

We performed acoustic versions of several of our own songs, including ...Then Came You and a memorable (& totally different) version of Hero. These were mixed in with covers of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Scissor Sisters and the ever popular Mustang Sally.. The second set started with Rory's virtuoso piece: Walkin' Blues & Sean & Ric's rocking version of Constant Sorrow.

A good night was had by all, and we even threw in a Christmas song, with Slade getting a play! Looking forward to coming back here again.

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 27th November - The Bell, Toddington

With some excitement, we ventured out to this new venue for us for our album launch gig. And it did not disappoint.
We had a good size crowd as we played our way through 10 of the 12 tracks from Element of Truth (the new album), interspersed with well-known covers, including Red Hot Chili Pepper's Scar Tissue and the ever popular Mustang Sally.
For the second half we were joined by Mel, allowing us to play our favourite party songs like Land Down Under and, of course, Love Shack!!
The audience were supportive and attentive at just the right moments and, although the 'stage' was a little tight for 5 (or even 6 when Mel joined us!) the atmosphere was electric and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! All the new songs got a great response. Sold some albums too :-)

Other bands playing: Stephen Fieldsend

Band Review (out of 5):

Sun 26th July - The Bull, Barton

We last played at The Bull on their "open mic nights" a few years ago. We had a regular slot and it was always chilled, friendly and fun. Unfortunately these stopped when The Bull closed down...

But now it's back and better than ever. And they now have "acoustic sessions" every Sunday night, where a band or singer/songwriter takes over for the evening.

We might have been the biggest act they've seen as 5 of us turned up but we went down pretty well as we played our way through 2 sets of acoustic gold.

We started with some of our own lesser played acoustic songs (such as Yours) and mixed in some variations on well-known covers, including Red Hot Chili Pepper's 'Scar Tissue' & even a version of Love Shack!

My favourite moment was when Mel got the entire pub in silence as she sang a haunting version of Peggy Lee's 'Fever'.

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 4th July - LYWAG Festival, Luton

After 8 years (and feeling much less "youth") we were invited back to the Luton Youth Festival in leagrave. It was a much smaller affair this time, with only one music stage and, in fact, only 3 acts including ourselves.

We felt we played pretty well through our one hour set, which included some of our own acoustic songs like Clear Water and Yours, as well as some quality covers, including a new one for us: Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye.
The sound engineers did an excellent job so apparently the sound out front was very good and the small audience were very appreciative.

It was a good day - the weather and BBQ were both excellent - just a shame about the small numbers. Still, we've been invited back next year so maybe there'll be a bigger turn out then!

Other bands playing: One other - can't remember sorry!

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 8th May - Surya, Pentonville Road, London

This was a new venue and a new promoter for us and it had mixed results...
We felt we played pretty well and, although our audience was not the biggest, they were supremely supportive (thanks guys as always!) and we attracted loads of extras down from the bar upstairs as well, so that was good.
We played a crafty little set of mostly new tunes (Hero, Wishing It Away, Then Came You) but with the addition of the classic Change and ending with a powerful rendition of Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah) - haven't played that for a while!
Where the gig was a bit of a let down was the poor organisation of the promoters and their 'pay to play' system, which left a bad taste in the mouth. So, if you're a band avoid 'Absent Kelly' promoters...

I should end by saying that the other bands playing were some of the best we've played with. Good job guys!

Other bands playing: 20 Cent Dream, Blue Nation, Hard Facade

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 28th Feb - Underbelly, Hoxton Square, London

It was with much excitement that we returned to this awesome venue in London's hip Hoxton Square.
We were one man down (Rory had prior commitments) but we got our half-hour set off to a good start with Angry Song and brand new track Wishing It Away before Ben joined us for the rest of the set.

It was Ben's first gig with us, first gig on bass, in fact first gig ever but he did supremely well, keeping the rhythm going as we banged out Stranger, Hero, Then Came You and even the classic (and now really quite old!) Spider.

The response was pretty good, especially since we were one of the first bands on and we even got a whole load of people dancing for Then Came You and Hero.

All in all a pretty good gig and a blinder from Ben. More of these please....

Other bands playing: The Jade Assembly, Signal Flare, the Limerence & Age of Pilots

Band Review (out of 5):


Fri 19th December - The Crown, Flitwick

Our Christmas party gig of 2014 was in this very friendly pub in Flitwick and it went pretty well!

Tom was unfortunately unable to make it so our friend Yann (drummer with TMB, see below) stepped up.... and did an absolutely brilliant job - its not easy to learn 2 hours of songs in just 2 practises!

We followed the time-honoured tradition of a set of originals (which included old and new Brittle Empire/Diskordian classics from A Song (Change) right up to emerging classic and crowd-pleaser: ...Then Came You). This was followed by a set of floor-filling rock & pop classics from Rod Stewart's Maggie May to Kings of Leon's Sex On Fire. We also played our brand new version of I'm A Believer (Monkees) and an impromptu rendition of Love Shack (Yann did particularly well for this as he'd never heard it before, let alone played it!)

A brilliant night was had by all - as proven by the packed dance floor in the second half. We've already been invited back so, if you missed this there'll be another chance. Watch this space!!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sun 16th November - Cruck Barn, Milton Keynes

The second gig in one weekend and it couldn't have been more different....

Still only 3 members there (though this time intentionally), as Rory, Sean & Ric played a lunchtime acoustic set to a very attentive and appreciative audience.

We took the opportunity to showcase our now quite large repertoire of acoustic songs, including performances of Clear Water, Tomorrow & Yours , as well as not-usually acoustic covers of Stevie Wonder's Superstition and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird . The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and the audience response was very positive.

This was a support slot for TMB (aka The Markus Band) and it was to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research. As I write at least 500 has been raised. Thanks to everyone who came along.

Other bands playing: TMB

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 14th November - Enterprise, Camden

We like this venue.
We played here before a couple of years ago and it was one of the best London gigs we've done and this time was not much different.

Despite being without Rory and Gareth (no bassist makes it particularly challenging!) the 3 remaining band members powered on, and with amazing support from the pretty big crowd, performed our hearts out.
The half-hour set included brand new song ...Then Came You , current single Hero and a rare performance of the classic Spider (still going strong!!).

Spurred on by the fantastic crowd and very friendly staff at the venue (and the other bands who were brilliant) a great night was had by all! And considering I was close to cancelling only a few days earlier when I found out Gareth wasn't coming that is saying something!!

Thank you to everyone who supported us, it means so much!!

Other bands playing: Hoop Driver & Penrose Foxes

Band Review (out of 5):

Sun 20th July - Bedford River Festival

It was a great privelege to get a slot at this year's River Festival (apparently the second biggest free event in the country!) and despite a few difficulties on confirming the details, the stage was finally set for our performance at 3.30pm on the Sunday.

The crowd (of which there were literally hundreds - about 300 would be my guess) were supportive from the start, some even singing along with a few songs, cheered us on our way through our half-hour slot, where we played the best of the best of Brittle Empire's tracks, including Hero, Cry Out Loud, Change, new song 'Then Came You' and finished with a powerful rendition of Find You.

The weather started off sunny but after a few misplaced words into the microphone (I said "the sun's still shining" - sorry!!) the heavens opened just as we started our final song. The best thing was that the crowd stayed with us, calling for more as we left the stage.

The only downside of the day was that we were without Gareth (due to other commitments) but other than that the perfect gig. This is what we do it for...

Thanks so much to everyone who supported us and a special thank you to Near Moments, who agreed to swap stage times with us allowing us to perform in the first place.

More gigs like this please.....

Other bands playing: too many to mention

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 12th July - Barton Beer & Cider Festival, Unity Hall, Barton-Le-Clay, Beds

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for this great charity event in Barton. Now in it's 4th year this was our first time performing and we enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, the weather was a bit too good as the sunshine meant everyone was outside, not inside where the bands were! Still plenty of people did venture in, especially for the first half of our second set, where we had dozens of people up & dancing.

The crowd fizzled out a bit after last orders was called but we played on to the faithful few who seemed to be enjoying themselves as we pulled out all the stops with covers including Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer, Fleetwood Mac's The Chain and the ever popular Love Shack.

A good night all round and we felt we played pretty well. Thank you so much to the people who did stay to the end, especially those who danced and 'encored' us on!! Thanks again guys, you are amazing!

Thanks also to Luke for the stage & lighting. Top notch!

Other bands playing: The Situators

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 5th July - Gravenhurst Gallop, Upper Gravenhurst, Beds

Our first gig for ages and our very first as Brittle Empire (for the first set anyway!) and it went extremely well.

Despite being without Tom (due to prior commitments, Ric took over on drums and we manfully played on), we put together a powerful first set, containing several of our own tracks, including a first performance for our new upbeat bluesy track 'Then Came You', which got an excellent response.

The rest of the first set and the second set (which Mel joined us for as frontwoman) was all party covers - including a brand new Paolo Nutini track and our own punked-up version of the all-over-your-radio hit 'Happy' by Pharell Williams.

As always, the Gallop delivered as an excellent evening event, including a fireworks display that was way better than it should be for the size of the place!

We felt like we put on a good show and helped the evening swing along and the three encores (count them, 3!!) that were demanded by the crowd proved it went well! (Thanks guys!)

Til next year.....(hopefully!)

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):


Fri 8th February - Camden Rock, Camden, London

Our first gig of 2013 and we returned for another crack at the Camden scene. And I think it went pretty well.
We certainly put on a very strong show, playing the best of the current Diskordian crop, a random old one (this time These Dreams) and our brand new song, Redemption. The latter of these stunned the audience into silence, swiftly followed by a raptuous applause. We then followed this with a strong & powerful performance of The Silence, by which time the whoops and dancing in the crowd, as well as cries of Encore told us we were doing well. As usual, though, it came to an end all too soon, as our set was cut short by a late-running schedule.
All in all we could not have asked for a better reaction from the very supportive audience (thanks again guys!) but were a little disappointed to have to stop just as we were getting into it!

Other bands playing: Trash Green, Princip, Zwah & Kira Kenley

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 15th March - Camden Rock, Camden, London

It was with some excitement that we returned to a venue we'd only played one month earlier, this time to headline!
Alas the perfect gig was not to be, due primarily to a totally inept sound technician (terrible on-stage sound and a 2 hour sound check and still no working microphones!)
Once we got over that though, the actual gig was enjoyable and, although the crowd was slightly smaller than in February, the response was pretty good and we kept them cheering to the end!
We were without Gareth for this gig but we still managed a powerful set, starting with Find You and ending 30 minutes later with the awesome new version of Universe (it just keeps on getting better!) Overall, a great night but we may not rush back to this venue.

Other Bands: The Orinonauts, Joshua Gilbert, Kira Kenley

Band Review (out of 5):

Sun 5th May - The Wheatsheaf, Dunstable

This was a good little gig on a sunny bank holiday weekend.
There were a selection of acoustic acts performing throughout the afternoon, followed by 3 bands in the evening starting with us.
We felt we played pretty well to a small but supportive audience (a number significantly dwindled by the fact that a large group got chucked out half way through the set for bringing their own bottle of bubbly!!) Our set featured all the current favourites including: The Silence, Stranger & new song Redemption. We even threw in a couple of random 70's covers (Come Up & See Me and Alright Now) as it just felt right on the night...

The pub had a good vibe and the sound was pretty good so, couple that with some very positive comments from some of the audience and you've got a good night!

Other bands playing: Two others

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 7th June - The Flag, Watford

It was our first time at this large Watford pub and we were pleasantly surprised! It had a separate room for bands, with a pretty good PA (despite several problems in sound check with the keyboard!) and had a good feel to it. The only down side really was that we were more than a little short on numbers.
Still we felt we played pretty well and got a reasonable response from the collected few (including quite a few who wandered in from the bar and stayed, we like when this happens!!) and our world premiere performance of new song Hero was well received too!
We will definitely be heading back to this venue, though hopefully we'll bring a few more people next time! Many thanks to those who did make the journey!! :-)

Other bands playing: Two others

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 6th July - Gravenhurst Gallup

This was the best Gallup ever. And that's saying something!!
We started a powerful 1st set with The One & The Silence, followed by popular covers of Daft Punk's Get Lucky & She's Electric by Oasis. Mel joined us for the last 2 songs of the first set, finishing with an amazing version of Love Shack.
The second set was entirely covers and, although took a little while to get going, after the fireworks, we finished with 3 (yes 3!) encores, including the infamous La Bamba complete with conga of about 30 people.
An awesome gig where we couldn't really ask for a better response from the audience. Good work you guys!!

Other Bands: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 13th Dec - The Flag, Watford

Our traditional Christmas party gig was slightly different this year as we returned to this live music pub in the centre of Watford.
The pub itself has a large separate room for live music with a good stage and PA and we managed a pretty to much fill it (thanks guys!) The set went down pretty well too and included our brand new songs: Hero & GSOH, as well as the now classic 'The Silence' & Find You. The only negative point really was that the set was too short and it was over far too quickly.

Other bands playing: Three others

Band Review (out of 5):


Saturday 11th February - Underbelly, Hoxton Square, London

A great night at a very impressive venue, made all the better by the large crowd of supporters that came along - thanks to all of you!
The first half of the set went extremely well - with particularly good responses for The Silence and Stranger. Unfortunately, the second half was not quite as good due to a technical hitch or two with Sean's guitar, meaning he was pretty much silent for two songs. Never mind though, we picked it up again for our stomping new dancey version of Universe to finish the set on a high.
This venue was great, with cool decor, a large-ish stage and most importantly a great soundman, meaning we sounded amazing both on and in front of that stage. All in all, an awesome night. We would definitely come back here again..

Other bands playing: The Red Lapels

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 22nd February - The Horn, St Albans

This was quite a surreal gig, as we were a little short on audience and short on band members (Sean couldn't make it due to prior commitments!) The two other bands who were due to play with us that night just didn't turn up and, as such, neither did any of their supporters. We did manage double figures in the audience but only just, which unfortunately looked very empty in a venue like The Horn.
That said, the audience we did have were amazing. Fantastically supportive and joined in with the spirit. We played for far longer than expected, including several impromptu requests, including popular covers: Walking Blues & Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain Way. Our set also included Find You, Stranger and a cracking new ultra-funky version of The One. We even included a rare (these days) performance of Laughing.
As always, the sound was awesome and the venue great, just a little short on audience.

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 29th June - Pear Tree, Stevenage

A new venue for us and we liked it. A lot.
After a short break we made a triumphant return to gigging with 2 x 1 hour sets of covers at this friendly pub in Stevenage. We seemed to grab the audience pretty much from song 1 and went from strength to strength, ending the night on a couple of well received encores, including the ever popular Kings of leon's Sex on Fire.
An awesome night to a packed crowd. We were immediately asked back and we'll be returning in October (see above)!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 7th July - Gravenhurst Gallup

Our 6th time at this fantastic annual event and it didn't disappoint.
The set-up was slightly different, with a slightly smaller music tent and no wooden dance floor. But despite the mud, we had a good few people rocking out to the tunes of Madness, David Bowie & The Who, as well as some of our own songs (including rare (these days) outings for Missing You Blues & Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah)) in the first half.
Mel joined us for the second set and we soon got the party going with covers including Rolling Stones' Brown Sugar & Cee Lo Green's Forget You. After the fireworks (which was amazing as usual!) the whole of Bedfordshire seemed to be up & dancing as we finished the night on a massive high, ending on a mind-blowing 3 song encore of Gimme Some Lovin', Baggy Trousers and, or course, La Bumba!
A fantastic night all round & great fun for all as always. We have the organisers to thank yet again for an absolutely fantastic night!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 24th August - Nambucca, Holloway Road, London

Following our amazing gig at Underbelly in February, we returned to London with the same promoters but a different venue.
The venue itself was pretty good, though nothing special compared to Underbelly, but the quality of the bands was outstanding and the sound was brilliant throughout.
We played a 30 minute set of our best original songs including very well-received renditions of A Song (Change) and the new version of Universe.
As always we really enjoyed the set, although it was over all too quickly, and our free CDs went like hot cakes.
Our only complaints would be that the bar was not in the same room as the music, meaning there were sometimes not many people in the room and the live room was too dark for people to see our mailing list to add their names!! Also, though no fault of the venue, the promised Led Zeppelin tribute act still hadn't started by midnight, meaning a few people (including us!) missed them.
Other than that a great night and ALL the other bands were amazing!

Photos from this gig are now on the photos page

Other Bands: Guardians of Dust, The Wild Lies, Trash Green

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 21st September - Sno! Bar, XScape, Milton Keynes

We're never filled with confidence where a Battle of the Bands is concerned but we thought we'd do this gig to get in with the promoters, who seem to do a lot of good stuff in the 3 counties area. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the sound & lights and general atmosphere of the gig.
And even more surprised that we're through to Round 2 - thanks to a vote from the judges (who we didn't even know were there!)
The gig itself went well. Our 25-minute set starting and finishing strongly with The Silence & Universe. A quality rendition of A Song (Change) also got very good response from the reasonable number in the audience.
The venue was in a slightly odd location, being that you had to walk through the ski-hire area of the SnoDome but the view of the slope added to the good atmosphere.

Check us out in Round 2 at The Heights in Luton on 27th october

Videos of this gig are now on YouTube.

Other bands playing: Sound & Saneo, Annero, Sic Leave

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 27th October - The Heights, Luton

After our surprise ticket through to the second round of the 3 Counties Battle of the Bands competition, it was with some trepidation that we arrived at the second gig of the series at this pub in Luton town centre.
The night didn't get off to the best start as 3 of the 5 bands supposed to be playing didn't turn up! And of those that did, neither had their full complement of band members! (We were down to 3 men, as Rory & Gareth couldn't make it).
Of course, with fewer bands, there were fewer people in the audience, meaning that, despite its location, the pub was surprisingly empty. Still, we persevered and played a set that we thought went pretty well, all things considered, which included Everything But The Truth, Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah) and an impromptu rendition of Spider.

We figured that, as 3 bands were meant to go through to the next round, we would at least get through to Round 3. However, the usual 'flexible' rules of these things meant that, apparently, only 1 could now go through!!
Taken as a gig it went pretty well, we got to play with our old friends and fantastic 'indie/folk' band, Good Little Roses (used to be called Nemo) and we got a reasonable reponse from the small crowd, but as usual the experience was let down by the ridiculous and seemingly random rules of these Battle of the Bands competitions!

Unless we get a shock e-mail saying we got the 'judges vote' (where are these judges?!) I assume that is the last we will be playing in this series of BOTBs.

Other bands playing: Good Little Roses

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 30th November - Enterprise, Camden, London

I must admit my first impressions of this venue were not great: the room was small and the supplied kit battered and past its best. But it just goes to show what a difference the right atmosphere makes. And this place was oozing with atmosphere on 30th November!
We played a 30 minute set to a packed house, which included a rare outing for Have You Ever? and our brand new song: Redemption.
We felt like it was going pretty well and the cheering, dancing crowd seemed to be having a good time too! However, we weren't expecting the cheers of 'encore' (led by the soundman!), meaning we got an extra song in the form of Find You. Encores NEVER happen at these type of gigs as there's always such a tight schedule so that is proof enough to us that the audience (and the staff) were enjoying it. Some positive comments from a few new faces as well...

Other Bands: The Tally, Frooney & Across the Latitudes

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 21st December - The Pear Tree, Stevenage

Our Christmas party gig and our alter-ego Diskover provided the entertainment at this friendly pub in Stevenage.
We played hit after crowd-pleaser hit, ably assisted by Mel, meaning we could include gig favourites, such as Adele's Rolling In the Deep, Fleetwood Mac's The Chain and the ever popular Christmas hit Fairytale of New York.
The 2 hour sets went down very well, as the good sized crowd boogied the night away, culminating in a double encore of Everybody Needs Somebody & Merry Xmas Everybody (but sadly not La Bamba this time!!)
A brilliant night and an amazing way to get the party season started!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):


Sat 22nd January 2011 - George II, Luton

Another gig at our current favourite venue in Luton.
This time we were without Sean & Tom so it was the perfect opportunity for an acoustic set. We played a 40 minute unplugged set to a packed enthusiastic pub, including some numbers rarely performed outside of The Bull (see Upcoming Gigs), including Yours & Daydreaming.
Rory showed off his slide skills as we strummed (and slid) our way through new song: Clear Water and classic Diskordian tune: A Song (Change). He even treated us to his version of classic blues song: Walkin' Blues.
All in all a good show, performing with a couple of great other local acts too.

Other bands playing: The Italian & Martha Makes Mistakes

Band Review (out of 5):

Thurs 24th March 2011 - Top Bar, University of Essex, Colchester

Whether it was bad timing or just bad choice of venue we may never know but this gig was not the best.
A few people were there when we first arrived but they gradually withered away whilst we set up. Undeterred, we started to play to an audience of about 10.
We felt like we played pretty well, mixing up the originals with time-honoured and always popular covers (including Free Bird, All Right Now and Superstition) but the second half started with an even smaller crowd. The few who were there (and those who wandered in late) seemed to enjoy it though - we even got a couple of people dancing(!) - but we came away feeling a little disappointed.
Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 23rd April 2011 - George II, Luton

What could be a better date to play a last-ish minute gig at The George than St George's Day?
Unfortunately, we were one man down as Rory couldn't make it (that's the problem with last minute gigs), although we did manage to raise a reasonable number of audience members, who were all in good spirits - some literally(!)
We were on second, which is probably the best spot and we felt we played pretty well, blasting through 8 of our finest tunes - including a first live performance of our newest track (and most likely contender for next single) The Silence.
As usual, the local crowd were supportive and cheered loudly whilst dancing around, beer glass in hand. We felt we played pretty well and got a good response but the lack of sound check may have resulted in a less than perfect sound out-front. Nonetheless, a good night was had by all.

Other bands playing: Rusty G's & Fight The Wolf

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 25th November 2011 - George II, Luton

An acoustic set at a chilled out night at our current regular Luton haunt.
Ric & Rory were on top form ("we even rehearsed!") and knocked out a great 40 minute unplugged set, including some numbers rarely performed outside of The Bull (see Upcoming Gigs), including Yours, as well as performances of acoustic versions of Clear Water, Tomorrow & Stanger, from our new album
Rory showed off his slide skills for a blinding finale of classic blues song Walkin' Blues.
All in all a good show, with support from another great local acoustic songstress.

Band Review (out of 5):

Thurs 15th December - The Garage, Islington, London

Our first London gig in over 3 years and it went pretty well. We played a blinding set featuring our best tunes from the new album, including Play With My Heart, Stranger and Cry Out Loud. We even stuck Find You in at the end as a special 'treat' for former band member Andy, who was there.
Generally the sound was good, at least out front and, despite a few technical hitches with Rory's amp we felt we played the best we'd ever played. We also got a fantastic response, not only from our collective fans but also from others who had not heard us before. However, this was a battle of the bands thing and the support from the crowd during the set did not translate into votes at the end of it (people tend to only vote for their friends in these things). As such, despite the fact that 6 bands performed and 4 went through to the next round, we didn't!
Kinda sucks but, if considered simply as a gig it was a definite success! Loads of extra names for our mailing list & our free demo CDs went like hot cakes.

Other bands playing: Simeone, One Word Stories, Underdrone, The Effect, Earwig

Band Review (out of 5):


Fri 30th April 2010 - Nag's Head, Dunstable

Another great night at our regular Dunstable haunt and our first on a Friday. And what a difference it made - the place was packed! We mixed up the covers and originals into both sets, including a first outing for our brand new song More Than This and current single Cry Out Loud.

We got a good response from the crowd, including very positive comments from loads of first-time Diskordian audience members!
The covers got everyone dancing by the middle of the second set, including the ever popular Power of Love (Huey Lewis & the News) and our first performance here of Mustang Sally.

They asked us back again so I guess we're doing something right!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 3rd July 2010 - Gravenhurst Gallup, Gravenhurst

We were the entertainment once again at Gravenhurst's premier (and only) outdoor music festival and, as always, it was great fun!
We played two sets: the first featuring mainly Diskordian songs, some of which went down very well, and the second we played a Diskover set, which included new songs to us by Scissor Sisters, The Jam & even a funky rendition of Stevie Wonder's Superstition.
A fantastic night that saw almost everyone getting down to the grooves by the end of the night. Despite the interruption for fireworks we came back for a furious encore that could not be bettered!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 17th July 2010 - River Festival, Bedford

Our biggest gig ever and we were missing two members due to other commitments. Thankfully, stand-in bassist Nick did a cracking job, providing the funk as we played our way through the cream of the Tin Soldier crop.
We only had 30 mins on stage anyway but, due to a shocking lack of organisation by the backstage crew, we started over an hour late and were cruelly told 'that's it' after only 25 mins!
Despite this, we did manage to play blinding renditions of Cry Out Loud, More Than This, Find You, Everything But the Truth & new song Here Right Now to an appreciative (and growing) audience. All in all an awesome experience.

Other bands playing: Far too many to mention

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 28th August 2010 - George II, Luton

This was our first gig at this friendly pub opposite the Hat Factory, and it went pretty well. It was organised by DTA and, due to a slight lack of communication, we arrived not knowing how long we'd be playing for or whether there'd be any other bands there!
We need never have feared though as a couple of other acts turned up, including Simon Gutteridge (Diskordian's lead singer from 1998 to 2001!), who performed some excellent solo material under his stagename of Kid Charlemagne.
We played for an hour in the end, mixing up our own songs with some quality covers. Although the crowd wasn't massive, we played possibly the best ever and those who were there seemed to enjoy it! Also, we got some very positive feedback from audience and staff.
The pub itself is a good little venue, with a stage area and a quality sound system - we will definitely be returning here soon!

Other bands playing: Kid Charlemagne

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 15th October 2010 - Nag's Head, Dunstable

Following our tried and tested formula, we played a set of originals, followed by a Diskover set of well-known covers to get everyone boogeying into the night.
We were well received, getting some very positive comments from almost everyone. We felt we played very well and everyone seemed to have a great time - kinda the idea!
Originals included our new ska(ish) version of Stranger - needs to be heard to be believed! - and a rare outing for A Little More. New covers we played included The Who's My Generation and A Change will Do You Good by Shery Crow.

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 26th November 2010 - George II, Luton

We returned to this great Luton town centre pub for another successful, if not overly populated gig.
We suffered for being the headline act in that we were on about 11pm - just when lots of people were leaving to go clubbing.. Of course, our loyal fans did us proud (as always) and so our 45 minute set went pretty well.
As usual the sound was good and we felt we played one of our best - giving a sneak preview of 9 of the 12 tracks to feature on our upcoming album, including: Everything But The Truth, Cry Out Loud, Here Right Now and the new version of Stranger (if you haven't heard it yet, you really need to!!)
We will be playing here again as soon as possible.

Other bands playing: Stealing Holmes, Emma Carroll

Band Review (out of 5):


Tues 24th February 2009 - Boston Music Rooms, Tufnell Park, London

This was the first round of the Surface Unsigned Festival and the odds were kinda stacked against us. For a start, this was a last minute date change (the gig was originally scheduled for 2 April), it was a Tuesday and it was in London.
Despite this, though, our fantastic core of fans showed up and they were not disappointed as we played our way through the usual crowd pleasers: including Find You, Angry Song and Is This All Real? Perhaps our best response, though, was for Everything but the Truth, which we felt was the best we'd ever played it.
The sound was good, we played well but, as usual with this type of event, we lost out to the "same as everything else" brigade, as four other bands with slightly more friends (and less originality) progressed to the next round. Meanwhile, we and the other band that dared to be slightly different were told we would not be playing again.
Still, taken as a stand alone gig it was OK. Not the best ever but pretty good.

See the Reviews page for a great review from this gig.

Other bands playing: Bundle of Id, Kill 21, Seed of Change, Mayfly Trio, Emerald

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 4th July 2009 - Gravenhurst Gallup, Upper Gravenhurst

I know I say this a lot but this really was one of our best gigs ever! Performing outside in a marquee in the middle of the summer is always a great experience but, with such a fantastic crowd cheering frantically from the start, it can't be bettered!
We played 2 x 1-hour sets - the first comprising a mix of our own stuff with a few covers. This got such a storming response we were asked to play for longer AND we ended the set with our classic crowd-pleasing cover of 'Gimme Some Lovin'.
How do we follow that? The first half ended like the best gigs end the second half so we knew we had a lot to play up to. But I think we managed it!
The second set was entirely covers and included new ones by Status Quo, Foo Fighters and The Killers, all of which went down a storm. Finishing with 3 encores and an impromptu rendition of 'La Bamba' (!), an absolutely fantastic night was had by all!

This was also the first gig for our new bassist, Gareth, who put on a spotless performance, despite only having 6 weeks to learn 24 songs!

Other bands playing: Lost Patrol

Band Review (out of 5):

Thurs 27th August 2009 - Nag's Head, Dunstable

Another great night at our regular Dunstable haunt. We were without Mel this time, so we mixed up the covers and originals into both sets, which included a first outing for our brand new epic: Control Freak, which seemed to go pretty well.

Covers included new-ish ones for us including The Killers' When You Were Young & a rather cheesy (but popular) rendition of Huey Lewis's Power of Love.
A good night all round.

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 4th September 2009 - Hat Factory, Luton

This was a great little gig organised by top Luton promoters, DTA. We played a blinding 40 minute set, including performances of our two newest songs: Cry Out Loud & Control freak. The sound was good, the music was great but, as is so often the situation, the room was only half full as all the other supporters went home as soon as their friend's band had finished.

A good night anyway... Other bands playing: Wooden Casino, Josh Hunt, Parallel Obsession

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 21st October 2009 - Hat Factory, Luton

This was, as ever, a highly eclectic night at the HeadJamz festival which included rock, soul, some R&B and even someone doing a Cliff Richard cover. Ric & Rory did not disappoint with an acoustic set that went down so well our slot was extended. The set included classic Diskordian acoustic tracks such as Yours & Daydreaming as well as a brand new (funked up) version of Stranger (if you remember that song from our first album!). The small but energetic and enthusiastic crowd made this gig a lot of fun!

Other bands playing: too many to list

Band Review (out of 5):


Weds 2nd January 2008 - Nag's Head, Dunstable

Lack of stage or sound engineer didn't affect our performance, as Diskordian put on a great show.
The first set was mainly originals, including polished performances of Is This All Real?, All Worth While & Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah), as well as rare outings for Spider & Missing You Blues.

Diskover took over for the second half (Diskordian plus Mel) to play some classic covers. This was Diskover's first ever gig and, despite a few nerves and a few unlearnt chords (I'm afraid I wasn't always subtle with the cheat sheets!) I think we pulled it off.
Songs included: My favourite Game by The Cardigans & Californication by the Chillies. The night ended on a serious high with everyone joining in with a chorus of Slade's Cum on feel the Noize and an encore of Gimme Some Lovin'.
It must have gone well beacuse they've asked us back! (See above)

Band Review (out of 5):

Tues 29th January 2008 - Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London

As this was a Battle of the Bands type gig, we were a little sceptical about this but it turned into a great night!
The venue wasn't huge but got a pretty good vibe going as 8 great bands played over the 4 hour gig.
We were on 2nd to last, following a blues band consisting of 6 middle aged transvestites. Not sure if we could follow that!
We managed it, though as the whole band gave it all they could, playing a blinding set starting with Despite Popular Demand and finishing on a high as everyone sang along to Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah) [You know the words!]
Best of all we got through to the next round! So see you there.

Other bands playing: Freerun, Elephant Shelf, Night Trip, Villain, Gloria Cycles, Background Sound & Fubar

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 27th February 2008 - Purple Turtle, Camden, London

This was the second round gig in the Emergenza Battle of the bands competition and we didn't win (boo!) but it was still a great gig (yeah!)
We felt like we played a blinder to a supportive and bouncing crowd. The sound was good and the venue was a real rocking place, even if the stage was only slightly bigger than the drum kit! We generally felt like we played our hearts out but still didn't make it through - possibly because everyone handed in their voting slips before we even played (not that I'm bitter...)
Still, a fantastic night all round, and we've been invited back so you may see us there again soon...
Special thanks to everyone who came and supported us at all these gigs, you were amazing!! To get this far without living in London is quite an achievement and its all down to you guys!!
PS Look out for a live recording from this night coming very soon to this very website.

Other bands playing: Elephant Shelf, Free Reign, Aphelionlive, Adultress, Grifters, Insomniac, Piper Saint

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 19th March 2008 - Nag's Head, Dunstable

Diskordian once again pulled out all the stops for a night of top quality musical delight.
The first set was all the originals we don't play that often (for various reasons) but wish we could. These included My Fire, Laughing & A Little More, as well as the first ever live performance of Have You Ever?

The second set was when it really kicked off, with Diskover opening to Sheryl Crow's Love is a Good Thing. The cover band's second gig showed a growing confidence and a better knowledge of all the songs (I didn't even need that many cheat sheets!)
The night ended on a serious high with everyone joining in with Duffy's Mercy, followed by a rousing chorus of Slade's Cum on feel the Noize and an encore of Gimme Some Lovin'.

If you missed this gig, make sure you don't miss us on 7th May, when we return to the Nag's Head.

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 7th May 2008 - Nag's Head, Dunstable

Our 3rd gig at this venue and we're really starting to get the hang of setting up quickly. We were even ready to start at the advertised time!
Unfortunately, our audience weren't, with only about 8 people there when we first started. (Not helped by the fact that the Luton at Large magazine had advertised our gig, but at the wrong venue!)
We continued regardless (well we enjoyed it!) and slowly but surely the audience did swell in size, with a reasonable crowd by the end of the Diskover set.
Not a bad night all in all, and many many many thanks to those dedicated ones who turned up! (couldn't do it without you!!), just bad luck that not more people came. Still, it's always reassuring to see people you don't know enjoying themselves, and received loads of positive feedback.

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 4th July 2008 - Hat Factory, Luton

Another good night at one of Luton's best venues. 25 minutes doesn't seem like a very long set any more though...
Still, we got a very good response as we powered our way through the best of the Diskordian crop, including the new version of Every Day & Everything But the Truth and rounding off with Find You. Cheers of 'more' were alas unable to be answered...

Other bands playing: Rench, Shotgun Alibi, Kirsty Williams

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 16th July 2008 - Nag's Head, Dunstable

We felt like we played our best ever at this lively gig. As usual at The Nag's, Diskordian started the evening with an hour of originals, rounded off with a pounding rendition of Missing You Blues, escalating the set towards the traditional peak of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Free Bird', with the oh so excellent guitar playing of Sean.

After a short break, Diskover took to the stage performing an almost spotless hour of classic covers. New songs reworked by Diskordian's eponymous covers band included KT Tunstall's 'Big Black Horse' & Rainbow's 'Since You've Been Gone' (so high!!)

Another great night at this friendly pub.

Band Review (out of 5):

Tues 5th August 2008 - Bar Academy, Islington, London

What a stormer! This was a showcase event for Jar Music Group so we wanted to put on a great show... and we did!
A large(ish) and supportive crowd got behind us as we rocked our way through a 25 minute set starting with All Worth While and finishing with Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah) via Spider, Angry Song and Find You. Only 5 songs but they were damn good ones! (even if I do say so myself!)
We wait with anticipation for our 'report' but, no matter what the powers that be say, we know we put on a good show...and enjoyed it.

Other bands playing: The Myst, Girls Girls Girls, Ashley Hicklin

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 6th September 2008 - Barton Rovers FC, Barton

A fantastic night was had by all at this charity event, featuring a 45 minute set by Diskordian and an hour of covers by Diskover .
We chose only our funkiest, liveliest songs, including a rousing rendition of Missing You Blues and (almost) everyone was singing along to All Worth While.
After a guest appearance from a comedian, punk-rockers Charley took to the stage to play a blinding set, followed by an amazing hour-long covers set by Diskover .
The place was jumping right from the start of this final set, which featured new songs (to us) of Steve Harley's Come Up & See Me, Guns & Roses' Sweet Child of Mine (watch Sean go!) and even some Huey Lewis & the News (cheesetastic!)

Definitely one of our best gigs ever and a great way to celebrate 10 years of Diskordian !!

Oh yeah, we also made over 400 for our 2 charities. Good work everyone!
There's already mumblings of a repeat sometime in the new year....

Other bands playing: Charley

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 17th September 2008 - Nag's Head, Dunstable

Another good night at this central Dunstable pub. We played down the other end of the pub to previous gigs, which we were a little unsure about. But, once we'd found where all the plug sockets were, the conclusion was that it was a good move.
Our new location put us nearer the door and we could be seen from pretty much anywhere (unlike our previous location, where we were a bit tucked away!).
We got some good feedback and some welcome applause from several unfamiliar faces.
The second set featured many of the Diskover songs that went down so well at the Barton gig, including KT Tunstall's Big Black Horse, featuring Ric & Sean's frantic drum solos!

Band Review (out of 5):

Tues 28th October 2008 - Bar Academy, Islington, London

This was the audition round for the Breakout Maldives competition but, more importantly, another chance for us to play at the prestigious Bar Academy.
We felt like we put on a pretty good show, rocking our way through classics like Every Day & Angry Song via Everything But the Truth (our newest one) and even throwing in the melodic A Song (Change) for a quieter interlude midway through the set.
The sound wasn't the best on the stage but the audience reaction was pretty energetic and we felt in with a chance of qualifying for the next round.
As usual though, we were disappointed as we were informed we missed out this time. It was temporary though as they seem to have changed their minds and we're back for the finals on 30th November (see above for more details).

Thanks to everyone who came and especially those who voted for us!

Other bands playing: Cornerstone, Special K's, 4th Street Traffic, Feed the Beast

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 19th November 2008 - Hat Factory, Luton

This was a 'HeadJamz' night, meaning an eclectic mix of artists, featuring everything from rappers to poets to full-on heavy metal bands.
We fitted somewhere in between, as Rory & Ric played a short acoustic set of three songs (including our newest offering: Clear Water). We had a few technical problems (like Rory's guitar not being able to be heard for half the set) but we played well and got a reasonable response from the assembled crowd.
Still, good fun if you take it for what it is - a night for newer bands/artists to try out new material.

Other bands playing: too many to list

Band Review (out of 5):

Sun 30th November 2008 - Carling Academy, Islington, London

Our biggest gig to date on an amazing stage to a fantastic audience! A brief but unique experience. More of these please!

Once again the organisation of the event (Breakout Festival Maldives) was not the best, with the timings, rules etc continually changing - including our set being BEFORE the advertised start time! Still, those that we did persuade to come along for our 5.30pm slot were not disappointed!
Our 20 minute set got off to a powerful start with a polished performance of Everything But the Truth and we continued rocking the house til our triumphant Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah), a mere 18 minutes later. Hardly time for a breath as we powered our way through 4 classic Diskordian tunes to a thronging (if small-ish) audience.

Unfortunately, for various reasons none of us could stay til the end of this immense music-a-thon (15 bands playing for a total of 6 1/2 hours!) so we're not sure about the results. I think we can be pretty sure we didn't win though, as it was once again down to audience votes and we were somewhat lacking in audience to vote!
Still, we had a fantastic time and it was a real honour to be part of such an event and to play in the final. Befitting such a stage, the sound and lighting was by far the best of any venue we've ever played and the atmosphere, although a little tense, was electric.

We should be due to receive a DVD of our performance very soon. As soon as we do it will make an appearance on this very website, so please come back soon!

Other bands playing: Alexa Pol, Imajin, The Bloom, Mantango, The Ruskins, The Special K's, 4 Hours, Reason 6, Miss Davina Lee, Fasy, Wooden Casino, Stone Halo, Sun, Kizzy Black

Band Review (out of 5):

Mon 22nd December 2008 - Nag's Head, Dunstable

As predicted, this was a real good Christmas party and pretty well attended too!
Diskordian played a good range of originals in the first set, including a few that don't get played as often as they should (Lucky Day anyone?). We also threw in a few classic covers including the first Diskordian performance of Crazy Little Thing Called Love in 3 years!
As usual with these gigs, though, the second set was the one that set the place alight! Diskover played a scorching set, which included a couple of Christmas specials (including the unforgettable cover of Fairytale of New York, featuring Sean as a drunkard! - hard to imagine I know....)
This gig really got the Christmas holidays off to a cracking start!

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):


Fri 12th Jan 2007 - The Well, Luton

This was Diskordian's first venture into punk! It was a slightly bizarre experience as we were 2nd on the bill, sandwiched between 2 hardcore punk bands. Still, it was cool and we went down pretty well, playing as a four piece (minus Adam, Ric on bass) even heavier versions of our heaviest songs(!) Our set included the funkier version of Angry Song (Play With My Heart), which features Andy's cool bass riff from the electronic remix. Don't think we'll be full-time punks but we would definitely do the same again sometime.

Other bands playing: The Adenoids & another band (can't remember their name, sorry)

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 26th Jan 2007 - The Well, Luton

This was possibly the best gig we have ever played!!! Not bad for Adam's first ever Diskordian gig. We were the third and final band of the night, playing a massive 90 minute set (mostly originals but with a few covers thrown in for good measure). We were plagued with technical problems just before our set (including a whole pint of beer spilt over the keyboard, rendering it somewhat silent) but, after a few emergency repairs, we cracked on to play a blinding set supported by a vocal and highly supportive crowd (we love you guys...). Halfway through we were joined on stage by Mel (Ric's wife and sometime backing vocalist on our albums) who sang a powerful rendition of Joan Osborne's Crazy Baby. After this the atmosphere was electric as we played our way through classic Diskordian favourites like Laughing & Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah) and finished with a cover of the Spencer Davis Group's Gimme Some Lovin' followed by a crazy encore of All Worth While.

Other bands playing: The Tyke Tyler Band & Alchemy

Band Review (out of 5):

Tues 6th Feb 2007 - The Horn, St Albans

This was a Battle of the Bands night so it didn't fill us with confidence from the start. Nevertheless, we felt like we played a pretty good set, which seemed to get the small yet supportive Tuesday night audience moving.

One of the three bands scheduled to play didn't turn up so the remaining two bands could play for slightly longer, expanding our set up to 45 minutes. Despite getting the loudest cheers, having the most people through the door and giving the most variety of original songs, we still lost (not that I'm bitter..) I guess I'll never understand these Battle of the Bands competitions.

(No judges visible and no explanation, you just wait around for an hour after the gig for a man to come and tell you you've lost - its a bit of a kick in the teeth but we'll probably still fall for it next time...)

Other bands playing: The Lauries

Band Review (out of 5):

Sun 11th Mar 2007 - The Exchange, Luton

PDM organised another winner at this friendly and comfortable pub. We played a storming headline set to a supportive (and boogying) Sunday night crowd.

The set focused mainly on songs from our newest album, Despite Popular Demand but we threw in a couple of covers, finishing on a high with the ever popular Gimme Some Lovin' (originally by Spencer Davis Group).

Despite the sound not being the best, we performed well enough to get a roar of "encore" and responded with Laughing to finish a brilliant night with smiles all round.

Other bands playing: Helen's Evil Twin & Sunflies

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 28th Mar 2007 - Manhattans, Luton

DTA Promotions organised a good night, kicking off with the mellow, acoustic stylings of Nemo and Down in Flames and finishing with a louder rock set from The Ruby Shoes (similar style to Jet etc..) We were third on the bill, providing a handy stepping stone between the two styles.

We played all our own material, mixing our favourite newer songs (Universe, Yeah Yeah Song) with some older ones we hadn't played live for ages (including Spider & Ric In Space).

The sound was pretty good and we got a positive response from a subdued yet appreciative audience.

Other bands playing: The Ruby Shoes, Down In Flames, Nemo

Band Review (out of 5):

Weds 23rd May 2007 - Storm, Leicester Square, London

This was our first acoustic set in London. Adam and Sean were unable to join us but the remaining three members put on a good show in their 30 minute set.
The gig gave us a rare opportunity to showcase our acoustic songs, including Yours, A Song (Change)and Tomorrow, although we did put the acoustic version of Blur's Song 2 in there for good measure.
We played to a smallish crowd (though still lots more than last time we played here - thanks to all those who came!) but we were well received and despite technical problems during the soundcheck, the sound for our set was pretty impressive.

Band Review (out of 5):

Thurs 10th May 2007 - The Tavern, Shuttleworth College, Old Warden, Beds

Although this was a pre-cursor to a possible booking for our newly-formed function band, we performed as Diskordian and so I think this deserves a mention.

We arrived to a slightly surprised staff, most of whom didn't seem to know we were coming (!) and set up ready for our hour long set. We were one man down as Adam couldn't make it, so Ric took over on bass, playing keyboards for only a couple of tracks.

We played approximately half original songs and half covers, including The Animal's House of The Rising Sun, Muse's Feelin' Good and a new cover for us: Burn Baby Burn by Ash. Although we felt we played pretty well and the sound was OK (considering there was no soundman and we didn't have a lot of time to soundcheck), we didn't get the best response ever. A few people got up to dance to Missing You Blues but other than that not a lot. Judging by the type of music the DJ played after we'd finished, we were probably playing to the wrong crowd. Never mind, you can't win 'em all...

Other bands playing: None

Band Review (out of 5):

Sat 7th July 2007 - LYWAG Festival, Luton

This was our first ever gig in the morning as we opened the Community Stage at this one-day festival in Leagrave, Luton.
This seemed to be the busiest day of the year and so only Ric and Sean could make it to play an acoustic set, which started at 11am.
We managed to attract a reasonable crowd for our 1/2 hour set, which included Tomorrow, the new version of Angry Song and a cover from Turin Brakes.
It was a well organised festival, which we were proud to be a part of.

Other bands playing: Absolutely loads across two stages.

Band Review (out of 5):

Fri 7th December 2007 - Storm, Leicester Square, London

A triumphant return to our current 'regular' venue in Leicester Square and our first time on a Friday (they must be starting to like us!). We were 2nd on the bill, playing a 30 minute set.
The sound and lighting were infinitely better than normal and the crowd seemed to really dig our thang, with the inaugral play of 'Everything But The Truth' going down particularly well. The other bands were also pretty good, making for a top night out.
Still surprised how early this place stops live music though (10.30pm) in favour of an empty disco....

Other bands playing: 3 others, can't remember who (sorry!)

Band Review (out of 5):

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