"Diskordian are a band/quartet, quartet seems more applicable as they have a touch of class that suggests theyíre not just pretty faces. The vocal and piano combination especially comes clearly to mind, but where would that harmony be without the integral Brian May-esque guitar sound? Diskordian have an instrument rotation scheme, this sounds more technical than it is, but itís actually quite a relaxed affair with both lead singer and guitarist taking turns on bass. Itís fresh, it doesnít stagnate and there is no bad aftertaste, that music can either cleanse or depress you is obvious; Diskordian play feel good rock that is and becomes instantly memorable."

David Couchman, Surface Unsigned (Feb 2009)

"There's certainly no discord in Diskordian's sound where tunes and rhythms tighter than a drum skin provide the finest of backdrops for the often-bittersweet lyrics."

Richard Howe, Grapevine & ex-NME (June 2006)

"Tin Soldier is pretty cool, with a good range of influences and dynamics throughout the 12 songs. It reminds me somewhat of the west coast sound produced by bands such as Country Joe & The Fish and Jefferson Airplane.""

Brian Heywood, Luton News (June 2003)