Element of Truth

Element of Truth

Released: 27th November 2015

Serial No: DISK-008

Sale Price: CD £7 / Download £7.89 (from Amazon)

All tracks copyright (c) Diskordian Productions 2004-2015

Two singles from this album (Hero & Then Came You) are avilable on the Brittle Empire player.

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One World - The first song on a brand new album... and its an epic. Mysterious piano riff gives way to crashing guitars, powerful lyrics and a classy guitar solo. The lyrics in the chorus are also the origin of the band name!
Wishing It Away - Written by Sean, this is a Foo Fighters inspired guitar track with a killer riff about what could be. This will definitely be a single.
...Then Came You - Popular live track that will be our next single. This is an upbeat bluesy song about new arrivals. Features great solos from Rory, Sean and Tom, as well as a catchy chorus.
GSOH - A cool acoustic guitar riff gives way to a poignant but powerful chorus and then a classic 'Diskordian ending' (i.e. totally different to the rest of the song!). Our first song to tell a love story from start to finish.
Patience - A 12-bar blues song with 2 differences: its in a minor key and its a waltz! This gives a unique sound to a song about waiting.
Fishbone - Quirky yet rocking tune that has nothing to do with fish. This will definitely get you singing (and jumping) along.
Redemption - The second half of the album opens with an epicly dark song inspired by the arab spring uprising. The quieter verse gives way to a powerful bass riff and heavy guitars.
Hero - Our first single from this album has a classic rock sound (think Led Zepplin or Queen at their heaviest) and is a wry look at how some soldiers might consider themselves. This is a live favourite and is sure to get you nodding your head. The Bryan May-eque guitar solo should not be missed!
Hero (Part 2) - Written as antidote to the pervious track, this soon became a great song in its own right. Haunting music is the backdrop for emotional and poignant lyrics about the waste of war.
Universe - Rocking (and more than a bit dancy) reworking of a classic 'Diskordian' tune (originally on Despite Popular Demand). This version was stumbled upon on a particularly silly band practise and just had to be on the next album! We hope you like it as much as we do...
Reprise - A funky instrumental tune based on the One World riff, although the song is totally different. What a lot of wah!
Sunset - Gareth wrote the two related bass lines that underpin this song and we just had to write the rest of the song around them! The result is a powerful and moving story of holding on to each other against all odds. Also features a funky 'Diskordian ending'. An emotional song that you can actually dance to!

Below are details of all the band's previous studio albums, released under the name Diskordian .

Plans are afoot to remaster and re-release our favourite tracks (as Brittle Empire) in the near future so watch this space...

Cry Out Loud

Released: August 2011

Serial No: DISK-007

Sale Price: CD £5 / Download £3.99

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All tracks copyright (c) Diskordian Productions 2000-2011

Full-length versions of 3 tracks from this album are available in the Brittle Empire player.

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Every Day - New album starts with an old live favourite with a classic rock feel. Features a brand new & funky intro.
Cry Out Loud - Title track of the album & our first single. Off-beat rhythms, catchy chorus and a powerful guitar solo make for a stand-out track.
More Than This - This song evolved from a series of jams and has fast become one of our favourites. This has the classic Diskordian rock/pop/blues sound with a powerful ending.
Everything But The Truth - Epic rock song inspired by the likes of Muse. Pounding keyboards and drums, powerful guitars and a choir of voices give this song a really unique sound.
Stranger - A very different re-working of our one and only love song. The music has moved away from straight ballad to a funky, almost reggae feel.
Control Freak - Unusual piano-driven song that slowly builds to a powerful guitar and organ solo.
The Silence - Our second single, this combines upbeat funky rock guitar with lyrics that question everything that's wrong in the world. Watch out for Rory's awesome slide and Gareth's slapping!
Here Right Now - An ode to dreaming of that special person. Pop-rock guitars with a catchy chorus.
Tomorrow - Acoustic re-working of the popular Sincerity track about procrastination.
All Worth While - Loud and in-your-face from the start this re-worked track points the finger at all those TV talent shows we love to hate. Now with awesome solo from Sean!
Play With My Heart - Featuring Andy's bassline from the dance re-mix of Angry Song, this is an angrier and more powerful version of the Tin Soldier song. Potential single, we love it that much!
Clear Water - This reflective and soulful journey through a relationship make-up starts quietly and builds to a goose-bump finale. Features some amazing slide from Rory.
Fade To... - Our very first song re-worked to suit Sean's powerful guitar sound. The bluesy beginning gives way to a short-but-sweet drum solo, building to a rock-out ending that will leave you breathless!

Despite Popular Demand

Released: November 2006

Serial No: DISK-006

Sale Price: CD £5/MP3 Download: £3.99

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All tracks copyright (c)Diskordian Productions 2006


The One - Upbeat blues-influenced track with classic Diskordian ending
Yeah Yeah Song (Yeah) - Energy-filled live favourite turned contender for next single, will definitely leave a smile on your face!
My Heart - A quieter moment of reflection that soon builds to an emotional chorus.
Have You Ever? - A rock ballad reflecting on loves lost, which builds to a powerful chorus
Universe - The first single taken from Despite Popular Demand , this catchy song will bowl you over with its gutsy chorus and emotive lyrics. Features storming guitar solos from both Andy & Rory.
One Decree - The first of 2 offerings from Andy, the haunting drum beat builds into a strong ballad with vocals to make you weep.
These Dreams - A sort-of sequel to Tin Soldier's All Worth While, this is Ric at his most angsty. Dramatic, stabbing piano leads the way through cutting lyrics.
Despite Popular Demand - The title track to the album, this is also the shortest song, weighing in at only 2:49. Crackly beginnings soon give way to a funky riff and a feel-good chorus.
Is This All Real? - A classic 'indie-pop' song with flanged guitars. What could be better?
Daydreaming - Acoustic number written by Rory, featuring sweeping vocals and haunting guitar
Find You - Andy's 2nd song of the album, this is pure rock with goth undertones. Powerful contender for the next single.
Regrets - Ric's traditional final track 'masterpiece', this song is in 3 parts: rock ballad, crazy orchestral middle bit and contrasting, emotional ending. Stick it out til the very end to experience the full roller-coaster ride!

Tin Soldier

Released: June 2003

Serial No: DISK-004

Sale Price: £5

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All tracks copyright (c)Diskordian Productions 2003

Tin Soldier


Intro - Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Laughing - Live favourite that pulls you in from the very first note and keeps you jumping til the end. First single from this album.
Good Day - Rory's first song for Diskordian, this is as upbeat as they come.
A Song (Change) - Possibly Diskordian's greatest ever song. A simple but effective riff underpinned by melancholy lyrics gives way to a sing-along chorus. Rory's expert slide guitar pulls on the heart strings.
All Worth While - Another live favourite, this bouncy classic captures all that's right with the world, whilst the lyrics have a go at all that's wrong.
A Little More - A seven minute epic featuring gutsy guitars, awe-inspiring vocals, a nifty drum solo and well-placed strings to give the complete Diskordian experience all in one song.
Every Day - A classic rock feel with a middle-8 that'll blow your mind.
Angry Song (Play with my Heart) - Another song that is well described by its title! Angsty lyrics and heavy guitars to drive you mad (in a good way!). First four chords by Simon.
Yours - Folky acoustic track, featuring Andy on the recorder.
Rallentando Blues - Rory's chance to shine as he goes crazy with that slide.
My Fire - Powerful 6/8 rock with "monkey-inducing" guitar distortion (according to Simon). Would have been our 2nd single (if we'd had one!)
Lonely Road - Another epic finishes the album on a high. This is a ballad that explodes into a harmony of strings, guitars and choral-like vocals.

Sincerity (What the f**k does that mean?)


Released: March 2000

Serial No: DISK-01

Sale Price: £4


Lucky Day - From the first riff to the catchy chorus, this is Diskordian at their most bouncy pop. Featuring Nic on the trumpet!
My World Now - With a swinging intro, a ballad verse and a jump-along chorus, this song has everything. Guaranteed to make you feel good.
Fade To... - Diskordian's first ever song and their first single, this paved the way for things to come and defined the classic Diskordian ending.
Stranger - Our only ever straight love song, this ballad will tug on the heart strings. Even has amazing wah-wah effect in the chorus!
See Me Here - This acoustic track became a live favourite back in the early days and it's easy to see why. Brings the pace right down with Simon's haunting vocals and Ric's harmonies playing off each other perfectly.
Spider - Simon's classic in its original format. The strings bring you in and hold you there til the sweet relief of Andy's amazing guitar solo. Heavy guitars underpin this beautiful ballad, which is still popular to this day.
Ric In Space (Anyone But You) - Another classic and long-term live favourite. Heartfelt verses give way to a pounding chorus and a ending that will leave you breathless.
Tomorrow - A good old-fashioned ballad about procrastination. Flanged guitars, catchy chorus and bizarre middle-8, what more could you ask for? Still regularly performed acoustically.
Forsaken Angel - A pounding heart-beat bass drum sets the tone for an unusual ballad to wave your lighter to.
Ship In a Bottle - Dark rock song about a night out that went terribly wrong. Perfect vocal harmonies and a rocking ending to our first album.